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We hope this site was a helpful start. There is still a lot more for you to know. You could start by visiting our website at We also put all of the websites and organizations listed throughout this site (and some extras) below so that when you want to find out more it will be easy for you.


Sexual Rights & Advocacy:

Sexual Health Care:

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity:
The Gay & Lesbian National Hotline, 888/843-4564

Sexual Abuse:

National Child Abuse Hotline,
800/4 A CHILD (800/422-4453)
800/2 A CHILD (TDD)
National Sexual Assault Hotline,
800/656-HOPE (800/656-4673)

Birth Control:
888/NOT-2-LATE (888/668-2528)

STDs and HIV:

For STD information

For HIV Information

For local HIV test sites

For general information and referrals to local healthcare providers CDC-INFO, 800/232-4636;TTY 800/232-6348